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How To Use Symbol-It

Real-Time Speech To Symbol Translation - And It's Easy!

Anyone with an i-Phone or i-Pad can use Symbol-It to connect with and help a Symbol Speaker in real-time.

Check out the tour below

This tour is using the iPad device. If you are using an iPhone, or a different iPad model, you may notice some slight differences in appearance.

This light gray area is called the “Symbol Display Box”. This is where symbols will appear as you use the Symbol-It app.

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As you press and hold the center blue “record” button, your words are translated and displayed in the Symbol Display Box.

There is a light blue “timer” that will display for up to 60 seconds. That is the length of time you may translate what you are speaking at one time.

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As your words are being translated into symbols, the text translation will appear here. 

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To open the Symbol-It menu and customize your Symbol-It experience, just click here.

To learn more about customization and personalization, check out our tutorials on YouTube. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using the App

AAC is Augmentative and Alternative Communication. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, “An AAC system is defined as an integrated set of components, including symbols, aids, strategies, and techniques used by individuals to enhance communication. The system serves to supplement any gestural, spoken and/or written communication abilities." (ASHA, 1991,p.10)

A symbol speaker is any individual who is dependent upon an AAC symbol system to communicate in place of verbal speech. 

Symbol-It should be used by everyone and anyone who desires deeper, complexer, and more dynamic communication with a symbol speaker.

Symbol-It Pro includes all 4 leading symbol systems rather than just a symbol speaker’s system of choice, making it the best option for interventionists such as therapists and teachers. 

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