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Speak with symbols in real-time! Symbol-It provides a natural and fun way to translate your speech into picture symbols in real time. With Symbol-It in hand, any English speaker can communicate with a Symbol Speaker without having to learn to use a speech generating device or app!


  • See your spoken language made visible with over 21,000 picture symbols!
  • Easy to use – even if you have never used augmentative communication.
  • Symbol-It brings the world of spoken language to Symbol Speakers, whether it’s in their home, their school, their community, or anywhere life can lead them.


  • Communicate with Symbol Speakers using their symbol system of choice! 
  • Control the size of your symbols to meet the needs of your Symbol Speakers.
  • A light and a dark color mode make the display more comfortable on the eyes.


  • Symbol Speakers learn alternative communication more naturally by being immersed in those around them using it in their everyday lives.
  • Picture symbols are color coded by their part of speech using to the Modified Fitzgerald color coding system
  • Symbol-It makes it easy for all English speakers to naturally speak to the Symbol Speaker in their language.


  • Unlimited access to the Symbol-It app
  • Unlimited use
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