Modeling and Immersion

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Let’s talk about modeling and immersion. Modeling first. I love the symbol of modeling. It’s a lady walking down a runway — a model walking down a runway. Well, what does that represent? That represents the idea of intentionality. For a model, you plan the event, you plan to get ready to show off that outfit or show off that activity. So modeling happens when you plan an intentional event. And, yes, that’s part of what we do for language and language development, but there’s so much more incidental language that happens throughout the day. Those phrases that you didn’t plan or didn’t expect that you would say, but needed to say in the moment.

“Whoa! Hold up! We need to be careful with that! That’s really breakable.”

“Oh! Goodness! That’s what we’re supposed to do. Yeah, we need to pick that up and take that  with us so that someone doesn’t step on it.”

Whatever it is, there’s so much more language that happens when we’re speaking incidentally and the goal is to provide as much of that language in symbols as possible. When I plan an activity, I can plan to put the symbols with it. But when I don’t plan an activity, then Symbol-It provides the perfect way to be able to support that verbal language with picture symbols in real time. So, with the touch of a button, what you say can show up in symbols.  

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