Making the Most Out of the Transition To Summer

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By now June is half over and school is out for most districts. So many things change in summer, even businesses and activities not directly related to the school year. For today, SymbolSpeak is here with a few suggestions for making the most out of the transition to summer without the dreaded “summer slide” that educators know all too well.


When transitioning from a rigorous structure contained within most school programs into the open range of summer, it can sometimes feel bumpy at best. Smooth transitions happen when preluded by as much communication as possible, which is reinforced by constant immersion in language. Remember that communication must be two-way, otherwise it’s only a transmission. Not knowing what to expect brings anxiety to everybody, not just symbol speakers, so regularly communicating in a learner’s preferred language for each step of the transition is key to keeping it running smoothly.

Not Fearing Regression

Fear can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we attempt to create a fully regimented summer schedule that is akin to the typical school year, then we can run the risk of creating an overwhelming environment where our language learners collapse into the very regression that we’re trying to prevent. Not everything can be planned in advance, nor should it because that is not how life is lived. Downtime does not lead to atrophy of language development when it’s leveraged daily through constant and casual language immersion. Turning fear into focus will keep everyone on point without the burnout.

Out of the Classroom, Out of the Box

The freedom of summer can be a blessing in disguise because it allows for spontaneous opportunities to grow. Flexibility is a valuable trait, one that can be used in summer time to greater effect than during the school year, especially for Symbol-It users who can speak in symbols in real time. More frequent incidental communication is a necessary building block for complex communication.


Putting all of these together, Symbol-It really is the best way to leverage the reduced structure of summertime without the need for extra planning. Use Symbol-It in your daily activities in order to incorporate language development into everyday life. Doing so will eliminate the need for rigorous daily structure, allowing you to enjoy summer activities without the added encumbrance of advanced planning. In this way, Symbol-It really is the perfect tool to help embrace the spontaneity of summer.

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