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Good morning! Let’s just Symbol It!

I had a funny incident happen this morning that made me think about language in just a different way. I said out loud, “I lost my Y,” and I was meaning that I lost my letter Y from my billboard (because I’d knocked it over). When I said I lost my Y, it reminded me that the fun of language is that when I lost my Y, I lost both a letter and a question. It made me think about just how much fun it is to play with language but also how rich our language is when we are playing with language.

The letter Y and the question “Why?” sound alike and they will show up the same way in a picture symbol system that is being dictated because the sound is the same. It has to search for just one word. But that leaves us with a lot of fun to be able to play around with that.

Did you mean the letter or the question? Oh my gosh, so much fun! If it’s a question, then how do you lose a question? Can you lose a question? If it’s a letter, then how do you lose a letter? It’s so much fun to play with language!

And with Symbol-It in your hand, you can play with language wherever you are. So go ahead and Symbol-It! Have a nice day!

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