Our Core Values

The Center Of Everything We Do

While SymbolSpeak is best known for our Symbol-It app–and a wonderful innovation it is!–our mission is more than any one solution to the advancement of language through AAC. We decided at this time to bring clarity to our purpose by clearly defining our core values and what we mean when we reference them. Whenever we promote Symbol-It and whatever comes after it, we are really promoting the following:


Every individual has intrinsic value and should be respected as such. In many contexts, respect must be earned. Dignity reminds us that people deserve to be treated ethically and with respect regardless of their abilities.


There are many ways to consider communication, but at its bottom line to communicate is a sharing of minds. Expressions of personal information such as ideas, feelings, and desires are to be valued as the person is valued.


Ideas which are presented but never implemented can never benefit anyone. Innovation is giving action and form to what we learn and discover in order to achieve the better outcome that had before only been an idea or a dream.


More than idea, inclusion constitutes the intentional and direct actions taken to bring social and personal investment to where there had been none before. Often this is done through removing barriers and building bridges to promote more advantageous conditions for each individual.


Connection can be as diverse as the circumstances and people that require it, but the unifying need for connection is a universal trait. Where there is no connection, there is no basis for the exchange or building of ideas and values.

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