Speaking in symbols got simpler.

With Symbol-It you can cut down on printouts, give the laminator a break, and invest more time on what matters most — your symbol speaker.

Less mess. Less stress.

Symbol-It and education were made for each other. Gone are the days of designing, printing, cutting, laminating, and positioning communication boards. With Symbol-It, everybody has the ability to dynamically communicate in AAC without any familiarity with symbol systems whatsoever.

Parents, grandparents, teachers, classroom aides, counselors, interventionists, and even fellow students will be able to communicate with AAC symbol speakers in their own preferred language without any practice. When you are asked a spontaneous question and the answer requires a new picture card,

don’t laminate it — Symbol-It!

Get Symbol-It

Using augmentative communication (AAC) has never been easier.
Get started using real-time translation of speech to symbol and connect with the symbol speaker in your life in
their symbols. #symbolspeak


Easily translate speech into symbols and communicate with the symbol speaker


The visual representation may be displayed for different symbol systems, for various vocabulary levels, and in different sizes, colors and more.


Symbol-It will be able to be projected from the iPad/iPhone, allowing for display in a classroom or conference room.


We at SymbolSpeak are dedicated to providing not only the best applications, but the highest standard of customer servce.

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